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Regulating the industry

Updated: May 1, 2019

This platform has been designed to deal with the issues in this industry and then regulate them allowing us to bring back consumer and tradespeople confidence allowing the industry and relationships to grow again.

Both parties will show one another commitment and that their intentions are genuine and honourable from the outset as both parties will be seeking each other’s recommendations and agreeing to share these recommendations and their experiences for everybody to see creating transparency.


In the event either party has a bad experience they will now be able to share this experience by providing a ‘wouldn’t recommend’ and give their reasons why, helping to protect other consumers and tradespeople make dishonest people accountable for their actions.


Upon both parties having had a great experience by providing each other with a recommendation is providing both parties with the recognition they deserve for being genuine and honest.


Both consumers and tradespeople will now be able to search each other’s profile to see previous recommendations to help provide them with the reassurance they are looking for before making a commitment to each other.

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