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Why the current process doesn’t work

The current process between consumers and tradespeople is fatally flawed. Relying on trust, the current system makes it easier to betray that trust and harder for genuine people to break through.

Both the consumer and tradesperson has relevant and legitimate concerns, which, at present, can only be mitigated through taking a chance - which doesn’t always end well.


Before letting a tradesperson onto their property and into their home the customers ask themselves the following questions:

· Are they even who they say they are

· Are they capable of doing the work and if so to what standard?

· What happens if the job goes wrong?

· Will they act in a reasonable and professional manner?


Before buying the material and doing the work the tradespeople ask themselves:

· Do they have the money to pay for the work?

· When will they pay?

· Will payment be in full?

· Will they act in a reasonable and professional manner?

The tradespeople are expected to buy the materials and do the work all in the hope they get paid, which. if they don’t, forces them to pay out of pocket, and in severe cases results in them going out of business.

Our NEW platform changes the current process for how things are done, allowing both parties to be transparent and making everybody accountable for their actions. Giving quality tradespeople and genuine customers the recognition they deserve and providing everybody with the reassurance they are looking for before making a commitment to each other.

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