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SMEs face £40 billion a year in unpaid invoices

The Problem

There are a number of issues that cause this problem, including: invoicing, customer service, systems, rogue customers and time. With several customers at any one time owing money, tradespeople have to create and send out invoices, chase invoices and know when invoices are overdue - all taking up valuable time. Paired with the issue of rogue customers who choose not to pay their invoices on time, or at all, with little to no consequences as small claims court just isn’t worth the trouble or cost half the time, it’s become an epidemic.

The Solution

Recommend & Share, the new platform for the home improvement industry, was created by a tradesman to allow tradespeople to regulate the industry in four key areas to foster a new environment of consumer and provider confidence and success.

With a focus on the relationships between consumer and provider (tradespeople), Recommend & Share allows tradespeople to generate free and genuine leads through recommendations, which in turn, generate more leads.

Using this platform increases your chances of winning more work as it allows you to show your customers and for them to see that you are genuine giving them the reassurance they are looking for when choosing a tradesperson.

Showing the historic integrity of both parties, tradespeople can see whether a potential client has a history of paying invoices promptly and acting in a professional manner, taking away a large portion of the risk.

The four key areas are as follows:


Both parties will show one another a commitment and that their intentions are genuine and honorable from the outset.


In the event either party has a bad experience they will now be able to share this experience by providing a “wouldn’t recommend” rating and their reasons why, helping to protect consumers and tradespeople.


By seeking each other’s recommendations this help to create a credible profile for both consumers and tradespeople, giving them the recognition they deserve for being genuine, talented and honest.


Both consumers and tradespeople will now be able to search each others profile to see previous recommendations, giving peace of mind that the person you are working with is genuine.

This platform allows both parties to show one another their intentions are genuine and honourable from the outset before making a commitment to each other.

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