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The UK faces a growing skilled tradespeople crisis

Now is the time for change. Now is the time to eliminate the need for us tradespeople to pay for empty leads and lost time from platforms that cost us simply to offer quotes and be in the game.

We shouldn’t have to pay for leads that don’t go anywhere, we need to band together to create an environment where skilled and reliable tradespeople can stand out from the rogue traders who give us a bad name and make it in our field.

It wouldn’t be a stretch to assume that the platforms that exist for us are simply preying on our vulnerabilities, with the sole purpose to make money out of us rather than create a new way of doing things and protecting both the interests of the tradespeople but also of the clients. On those platforms, we are the ‘cash cows’.

And, okay, they’re run by profitable businesses so it would be silly to expect anything less, but the fact is that we NEED something more than what is already there, we need to be able to encourage and grow skilled tradespeople’s businesses.

The solution isn’t to spend more money to get more leads to get more work to increase your ROI on these platforms, the solution is start fresh with a platform that cares. One run not to be profitable, by one of you.

We do this and we then start to create an environment where tradespeople are enjoying their work once again. encouraging tradespeople to stay and apprentices to feel comfortable with the profession they have chosen.  

This platform instigates such change, allowing genuine tradespeople to feel appreciated and valued

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